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Grow your Business by leveraging Data

We implement the right tools, infrastructure and processes to give you the right insights at hands to grow your business as well as utilizing blockchain technology to enhance data privacy & process-automatization. 

Consenso’s integrated services provides consulting, conceptual design, implementation project management, software development as well as training and support in following areas:

If you would like to get to know us or you want to know more about our services please get in touch.

Customer reviews

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David Grütter

Managing Director

Würth Modyf Schweiz AG

“Consenso developed 3 dashboards for us to track and optimize Import Volumes of Würth Modyf (Schweiz) AG. We established Data Pipelines, which automatically refresh the Dashboard, we developed KPI’s which are early indicators on how well, the business is developing and visualized them in Power BI.

With the consenso Power BI Dashboard, that we can access on all devices, we were able to automize data ingestion into Power BI and give all relevant employees daily the measures at hand in order to take fast decisions and optimize their part of the overall process. I personally liked how he approached the project in general and his ideas on how to handle data. Very structured with a clear plan, checkpoints every 2-3 days. You just see that he is not doing this the for the first time.

Leandro did a very good job for us, and I can highly recommend him.”


Jãnis Bleiferts

Head of Project Management & Software Development

DPD (Schweiz) AG

“Consenso provided full support to setup our Data Warehouse program, including development of all elements of our new data platform and provided product vision across various areas such as ETL, DB Design, Data Modelling and -Visualization and supported all stakeholders and employees on cross-functional features, bringing Data to the front.


With the new data platform, we can query data near real time, which in the parcel service industry is key for our operations as well as unifying our approach to reporting and data analytics.


I immediately appreciated the technical know-how and the inputs of best practices in different markets and businesses. Leandro delivers robust solutions, suggestions, and structures them very well, so that implementation can be done as smooth as possible. Dedication of finding the best possible product and outcome is part of Leandros core.


Leandro brought great value to the implementation project and shared great inputs/ideas. and I can highly recommend him.”

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Patrick Simone

CEO and Founder

Adesso Digital GmbH

Data is very crucial in business, even more crucial is fast understanding of data and related actions / decisions. Some months ago, we contacted Consenso in order to explore the possibility to use available Data for our customers around LinkedIn & Digital Sales Training.

After having explained the needs and requirements Consenso developed a 2 high level Dashboards for 2 of our customers. The idea was to show in a very pragmatic but impactful way the most important KPIs for sales teams but also the development during the sales trainings.


Already after the first draft proposal the BI Dashboard looked fantastic, but after a couple of feedback rounds and fine-tuning today we have a great dashboard, which is not just looking great but also shows the most important KPI's as well as developments tailored to our needs and requirements.

Not only it shows the "high level" numbers it's also interactive and it's possible to drill down to department or individual level. To make it even better the dashboards can be updated and refreshed with new data within minutes. In other words, that’s exactly what I always wished for, a digestible way to present the most important data without need to analyze Excel Sheets for hours.

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